Making a scene…

Before you allot the majority of your booth budget to structure and graphics, remember the finer details that can make or break your overall booth space aesthetic. The tone can be set by the flooring, the lighting, and everything in between.

CTP has established partnerships and distributor-level arrangements with some of the finest brands in the industry to round out your project:
– Flooring
– Furnishings
– Fabric environments and hanging signs
– Audio/visual equipment
– Interactive multi-media technologies
– Event lighting

Multi-media and AV: Engage your audience!

Great exhibits use great technology. CTP has aligned with Monster Media, an innovative leader for interactive digital activations. Monster develops interactive campaigns and end-to-end solutions that captivate attendees and amplify engagement using technologies such as:
– Gestural and multi-touch interactivity
– Social media integration
– Augmented reality
– 3D projection
Monster’s patented Monster Social Platform is ideal for events and conferences, providing turn-key applications to display filtered, real-time social content on all of your digital signage.

Flooring: A cut above the rest…

With a unique ground to stand on, your exhibit space may not need much structure to draw a crowd. Carpets and laminates are only the beginning of the flooring conversation. Maybe the touch to make your space “pop” this year is raised flooring, printed tiles, or even LED edge-lit floor trimming.

Furnishings: Even the kitchen sink…

A small space can look luxurious with carefully styled and selected furnishings and decor accessories. Larger, empty spaces can divide into meeting areas, lounge areas, and educational areas by using the right furniture.