All Proposals Are Not Equal.

You’re deciding between two trade show exhibit proposals with nearly identical designs and yet their “grand totals” differ a whopping 35%.

Don’t toss out that higher proposal just yet!!

Be sure you’ve considered these 3 commonly “hidden” budget breakers: …

Material Handling (“Drayage”): The good, bad, and ugly.

Not to be confused with shipping, exhibit drayage can sometimes cost as much (or more) than exhibit shipping. Should loss or damages occur, drayage carries far less recourse for damage claims than the shipping, even though drayage moves across a fraction of the distance…

Guide to Successful Exhibiting

Want to know what works – and what doesn’t – before,
during, and after the show? Get the scoop in our
27-page guide where you’ll find:
– How to know which shows are – or aren’t – right for you
– Event planning and preparation tools
– Ten questions to engage prospects
– Cost savings tips and more…

Is the Rental Revolution Right for You?

Marketers are under increased pressure to optimize
budgets and demonstrate a return on their programs.
We want to help you better understand the display
solution choices that will enable you to meet today’s
business challenges and attain your company objectives.

Exhibit Design Strategies

The Center of Exhibition Industry Research reports
that 80% of attendees find the exhibits they visit
attractive. More importantly, are they achieving sales,
brand building, and ROI? We know the key
considerations for creating a truly smart selling
environment that will help you engage new buyers.

Make Your Graphics Work for You

All eyes are on your company, your product, and your
services. More than just a “pretty face”, you need graphics
that do their job. Print principles don’t apply to large
format graphics.

Social Media for Trade Shows

Power up your event marketing campaigns using
social media to boost traffic and influence your
audiences’ buying decisions.

IAEE Guidelines for Display Rules
and Regulations

These guidelines are the model for most domestic
exhibitions. Before you design, check out your
display size rules so that you get a maximum return
on your exhibit investment.

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